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Roof Cleaning Salmon Creek

Roof Cleaning

There are several seasons in the Northwest that create the perfect conditions for extensive moss growth. If you value your roof, one of the best ways to maintain it is with effective moss mitigation and management. Roof cleaning  Salmon Creek by St Mary’s Window Cleaning Services is the reliable, effective, and safe way to combat moss. Our professional roof cleaning prepares your home or business for any season.

Professional Roof Cleaning Salmon Creek

Spray Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning Salmon Creek Before

Roof Cleaning Salmon Creek Before

We have 2 treatment methods that are both incredibly effective. Depending on the amount of moss on your roof one may be preferred above another. Our roof cleaning in Salmon Creek is formulated to handle moss at any level. Spray treatments are great for maintenance or thin moss situations. These inhibit growth and come with our 90 day no moss guarantee.

When is spray roof cleaning effective in Salmon Creek?

This method is advisable before moss has begun clumping on shingles on your Salmon Creek home or business. This provides the greatest opportunity to enact a preventative maintenance schedule. Larger moss clumps can cause significant damage to a roof over time. Even if it isn’t yet visible, moss may be growing. Roof dirt is a likely precursor to moss growth. Once it begins clumping it only takes a strong rain to wash it into gutters and downspouts, causing extensive problems that can lead to the need for expensive repairs.

Extensive Roof Cleaning in Salmon Creek

Roof Cleaning Salmon Creek After

Roof Cleaning Salmon Creek After

Our extensive roof cleaning in Salmon Creek is performed by a team of trained, experienced, detailed roof cleaners. This hands-on approach ensures that no matter what condition your roof is in before it’s cleaned, it will be spotless and moss free afterwards. Our roof cleaning service includes gutter cleaning in order to keep your roof draining properly and your downspouts clear.

When is extensive roof cleaning effective in Salmon Creek?

Some moss types don’t respond well to spray roof cleaning. These hardy varieties might be able to outlast a light treatment, but they’re no match for extensive roof cleaning. We’ll take care of your roof from the highest peak to the lowest point. This saves your roof from potential moss related damage, and studies have shown roofs that receive regular cleaning can last up to twice as long as those that don’t. With an average cost of 12,000 dollars and a 30 year lifespan, regular roof cleaning costs significantly less in the long run than replacing your roof even a year sooner than you would have without it.

Stop Moss Damage Like:

  • Roof Leaks – Moss will prevent water from running down your roof. This can create flooded areas that push water beneath shingles.
  • Prying – Moss rhizomes are small, and they can grow underneath roof shingle granules and push them upward. This destroys roof protection.
  • Loss of Surface Tension – Moss slowly ruins your roof’s water repellent properties, eventually causing leaking.
  • Thaw/Freez – Moss is like a sponge. As it soaks in water, freezes, and dries, it also shrinks and swells. This pries off granules and even whole shingles. That causes the tar below to dry out and fail to repel water.

When you want affordable and professional roof cleaning in Salmon Creek that gets rid of moss on your terms call (360) 571-2997 or Contact Us today.

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