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Roof Cleaning Ridgefield

Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning Ridgefield Before

Roof Cleaning Ridgefield Before

The Northwest is home to multiple seasons that allow for the growth of moss. One of the best measures you can take to ensure roof longevity is to deal with moss before it hurts your roof. Roof Cleaning Ridgefield by St Mary’s Window Cleaning Services is the safe, effective, reliable way to handle all your moss problems. With a professional roof cleaning you’ll be prepared for any season.

With 2 treatment methods, no matter how much moss may have taken over your roof, our roof cleaning in Ridgefield is designed to handle it. Our spray treatment is perfect if your roof is already clean and you’d like to keep it that way. It’s also effective when moss is thin and mild. This treatment comes with our great 90 day guarantee.

When is this effective? – Spray roof cleaning Ridgefield is most effective before moss has started to clump on shingles. This is when you’ll have the best opportunity for avoiding a lengthy battle to remove moss as well as the damage that can come from large moss clumps. Even if you cannot see moss, it may be growing, and if your roof is dirty it likely isn’t far behind. Once moss clumps it can clog downspouts and gutters, causing problems that require repairs.

Extensive Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning Ridgefield After

Roof Cleaning Ridgefield After

With our extensive roof cleaning in Ridgefield, you get professional, hands on cleaning that completely removes moss. This also includes gutter cleaning for a well draining roof and clear downspouts.

There are some moss types that can be hard to remove. By killing these aggressive mosses before they can grow, you can reduce wear on your shingles for a longer lasting roof. When spraying isn’t an option, extensive roof cleaning gets the job done. We’ll clean your roof from top to bottom, because when you let it get out of control, moss can cause a great deal of damage.

Moss Damage

  • Roof Leaks – Moss blocks water from running off a roof. This can cause it to backup, flooding below shingles.
  • Prying – Moss rhizomes grow beneath and pry up the granules on roof shingles. This can ruin roof protection.
  • Surface Tension Loss – Moss slowly destroys your roofs ability to repel water. This can lead to leaks.
  • Freeze/Thaw – As moss freezes and thaws, it begins to pry up roof shingles and granules. When the tar below the granules dries you lose water repellent properties.

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Ridgefield is a fantastic little city with some truly breathtaking sights. Those include the Ridgefield National Wildlife Rescue where visitors can view some of the areas most interesting local species as well as migrating fowl in their natural habitat. With an excellent school system and so much to do, Ridgefield is a wonderful place to call home or visit.