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Roof Cleaning Battle Ground

Roof Cleaning

With nearly constant rain and moisture, the Northwest is home to back to back seasons that create perfect moss growing conditions. The fall and winter are especially bad for moss growth, and if you want your roof to maintain its value and condition than you want professional moss management and mitigation. For roof cleaning, Battle Ground relies on St Mary’s Window Cleaning Services. We’re your local solution for safe, effective, and reliable roof cleaning that prepares your business or home for any season.

Professional Roof Cleaning

Spray Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning Battle Ground Before

Roof Cleaning Battle Ground Before

We have 2 treatments that are both very effective. Depending on the level of moss growth we’ll recommend the appropriate method for your roof. When it comes to roof cleaning, Battle Ground moss levels vary greatly. Our methods can handle even the most extreme growth, though spray treatments are most effective for maintenance. These provide effective growth inhibition and come with our 90 day guarantee.

When is spray roof cleaning in Battle Ground effective?

We advise this method when moss hasn’t yet begun to clump on shingles in your Battle Ground home or business. This allows us to create an effective maintenance schedule that can keep more moss from growing and easily kill what is already there. Large moss clumps cause long term damage to roofs, and even when you can’t see it moss may be growing. Roof dirt is often the first sign, and clumped moss can easily wash into downspouts and gutters causing much greater problems.

Extensive Roof Cleaning in Battle Ground

Roof Cleaning Battle Ground After

Roof Cleaning Battle Ground After

For extensive roof cleaning Battle Ground residents trust our team’s experience, training, and eye for detail. This hands-on roof cleaning method ensures a perfectly clean, spotless, and moss free roof. This also includes gutter cleaning for a properly draining roof and clear downspouts.

When is extensive roof cleaning in Battle Ground effective?

Spray cleaning is effective on all moss types. Some extra hardy varieties don’t respond to light treatments. They can’t stand up to extensive roof cleaning though. We’ll extensively clean your roof from the lowest point to the highest peak. This saves your roof rom suffering moss related damage, and studies have shown roofs receiving regular cleaning are capable of lasting up to twice as long as those without. An average roof costs 12,000 dollars and has a 30 year lifespan. Regular roof cleaning is significantly cheaper that replacing your roof even a year sooner than necessary.

Stop moss damage like:

  • Roof leaks – Roof leaks can be a major hazard. Roof cleaning Battle Ground benefits include preventing flooded areas that force water beneath shingles. This can stop leaks before they start, saving on expensive restoration costs.
  • Prying – When moss rhizomes grow, they push granules off your roof tiles. The granules provide water proofing and UV protection, so the more moss, the worse your protection becomes.
  • Loss of surface – Surface tension is high on protected water proofing. Moss destroys these water repellant properties, and eventually causes leaks.
  • Thaw/Freeze – Moss acts like a sponge. Freezing makes water expand, so wet moss that freezes swells beneath shingles and granules. When moss dries it shrinks, also causing tar to dry. That’s double duty damage if you don’t get professional roof cleaning.

When you want experienced, affordable roof cleaning in Battle Ground that removes moss on your terms call (360) 571-2997 or Contact Us today.

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